Meet Zorro!
Hello, My Name is Zorro!
Retriever, Labrador
ID: 41273570
2 Years 8 Months
69 pounds
Location: Callie’s Room
Adoption Fee: $185.00
Personable and energetic, Zorro is the life of the party wherever he goes and is always eager to make new friends. This sweetheart loves interactive play with people and gets along with most dogs. We also believe that Zorro does well in his crate.
*Zorro is a participant in Operation Kindness Sleepover Program - which means you can bring him home for up to 3 nights for a sleepover in your home! You'll be able to learn more about him and whether he's a fit for you. You can choose to adopt or share what you've learned about him to help him find the right home. For more information, contact 972-418-7297.