Let's get em home: Fee-waived adoptions on select dogs

#noimage# May 31, 2019 | By: Natalie Buxton

We have so many great dogs up for adoption that it can be hard to choose a new best friend.
This particular group of good boys, unfortunately, keep getting overlooked while their friends come and go.
So we’re waiving their adoption fees to help them more quickly find the home they deserve! Here’s the line up:


Prince, a super-sweet, 2-year-old black lab, has a little hitch in his giddy-up due to a crooked spine. It doesn’t slow him down, though! While he will need some extra TLC in his life, he is ready for a family. And though he may look a little different, he deserves all the love.

Bash is so excited to make new friends that he sometimes literally bounces off the walls when you walk past his kennel, but he’s cool-as-a-cucumber once you open the door. He recently became BFF with Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers and his favorite toy is his baseball that Joey gave him! On our team, Bash is our #1 Designated Cuddler.

Brent, a 3-year-old lab, is one heckuva athlete. Want to go for a jog? A hike on the trails? Brent is your dude. Brent loves living the active lifestyle so much that he pouts when he goes back to his kennel. Passersby often mistake his kennel-grouchiness as naughty-behavior, but he’s really just itchin’ for an adventure!
Dog Tile

Max is a handsome 3-year-old pup who has so much going for him, whoever is lucky enough to add him to their family will have years of love and enjoyment with this guy. He's fun-loving, full of life and very friendly. He also loves being in play groups with other dogs and makes friends easily.

For more information, give us a call at 972-418-7297 or email us.


Natalie Buxton
Director of Marketing, Operation Kindness