Saving lives, one puppy at a time

#noimage# August 5, 2019 | By: Natalie Buxton


Round-the-clock bottle feedings. Warm shelter. Extra loving attention. These are all the things required to save the lives of tiny abandoned puppies - and something our supporters make possible!

Recently, a Good Samaritan found a litter of eight stray puppies. Less than two weeks old, the orphaned puppies eyes and ears hadn't even opened.

Once the puppies were brought to Operation Kindness, staff jumped into action to find a foster home for the babies. During the most vulnerable state of a puppy's life, regular feeding and care is essential.

After spending time with a devoted foster family, the puppies eyes and ears opened and they continued to grow and thrive. They stayed with their foster family until they were big and healthy enough to find forever homes. We're happy to report that all eight puppies have now been adopted!

Operation Kindness simply couldn't provide this level of 24/7 care without our amazing foster families. And we couldn't have the foster care program if it weren't for supporters like you! If you're interested in fostering for Operation Kindness, learn more here.

Thank you for making this vital program possible so puppies like Maggie, Matt, Margie, Maney, Desi, Miller, Roo and Talulah have the very best chance to thrive!

Natalie Buxton
Director of Marketing & Communications, Operation Kindness