Operation Kindness participates in North Texas Giving Day

August 6, 2019 | By: Natalie Buxton

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What is North Texas Giving Day?

North Texas Giving Day is an 18-hour online day of giving for people all over the metroplex to come together and give to causes they are passionate about, like Operation Kindness. The event helps build unprecedented awareness and support for nonprofits. In 2018, over $48 million was raised through more than 157,000 gifts benefiting 2,700 local nonprofits, bringing the ten-year total to over $240 million for our community. North Texas Giving Day is the largest community-wide giving event in the United States.

How do Bonus Funds and Prizes work?

Each gift given through North Texas Giving Day over $25 will be matched in part with bonus funds provided by the Communities Foundation of Texas. Bonus funds are shared among all participating nonprofit organizations. The exact amount of the bonus funds is calculated after the day is over and depends on how much total money is raised for all nonprofits. For example, if the total amount of the bonus funds is $1,000,000 and $30,000,000 is raised on September 19, then each organization will receive an extra 3%. Note: the bonus funds are not a dollar for dollar match. Your gift also makes Operation Kindness eligible to receive extra prizes on September 19! More than 100 prizes are available and they will be randomly drawn throughout the day.

How does North Texas Giving Day help Operation Kindness?

North Texas Giving Day is single largest fundraising day of the year for Operation Kindness. In 2018, more than 1,700 supporters contributed to raise $214,641 for homeless dogs and cats! The success that you make possible on North Texas Giving Day is absolutely critical to fund our mission. This year, 100% of every donation will go straight to the animals to help provide food, lifesaving care, shelter, and more. Your North Texas Giving Day gift will not be spent on administrative or overhead expenses. We rely on the generosity of our supporters to help create bright futures for homeless pets, we couldn’t do this work without you.

How can you participate?

Give on September 19!

Gifts are open from 6:00 AM to Midnight CST on September 19. Busy on September 19 and don’t want to forget to give? You can schedule your gift starting on September 9! Your scheduled gift will be counted towards North Texas Giving Day and be eligible for bonus, matching funds.

Spread the word!

Be an ambassador for Operation Kindness and share our emails and social media posts with your friends and family! With the power of the community, we can reach new supporters and help make this the most successful North Texas Giving Day ever.

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Natalie Buxton
Director of Marketing & Communications, Operation Kindness