Your partnership with Operation Kindness is the right strategy to impact the quality of life of our community, one employee, one customer, one homeless cat and dog at a time. We’re the original and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas and our corporate partners benefit from our strong brand as The Place Where Happiness Begins.

Your Partnership Saves Lives

Each life we save costs an average of $398 to provide comprehensive care before adoption. Those costs are considerably higher if the animal is injured and requires life-saving surgery. Operation Kindness receives no government funding and relies on donations and adoption fees to fund its operations. That’s why your company’s partnership truly means life. If you have a corporate match program, please include us! Contact:

Your partnership with Operation Kindness yields more than just a competitive edge because our opportunities help you:

  • Retain your best talent
  • Improve employee satisfaction and morale
  • Build your company’s team
  • Steward and improve your client relationships
  • Build respect and your brand reputation in the community

For event sponsorship opportunities, contact Kelsey Keys. 

Employee Opportunities

Volunteering at our four+ acre campus is always an employee favorite. Activities may include:

  • Walking dogs in our landscaped park and through wooded trails
  • Socializing with cats in our indoor/outdoor “Catio”
  • Campus environmental projects
  • Bathing puppies

Work Paws Play dates 

The Work Paws Play dates Program was created for employers to provide relief and interactive fun for their employees. Participating employees are encouraged to take a few minutes out of their day to leave their workstations and interact with the animals. Employees can walk a dog, play fetch, pet a puppy, or cuddle a kitten.

Welcoming Operation Kindness animals into your workplace helps your staff stay healthy and practice good habits, such as taking breaks. On a deeper level, pets help to alleviate some of the stress associated with work life. They also promote team bonding, laughter and a positive work environment. Additionally, there is a huge benefit to the animals currently in our care. Play dates give them a chance to socialize and reveal more about their personalities which helps them get adopted.

What the play date includes: 

  • Operation Kindness brings social dogs or puppies, and/or kittens to your workplace. 
  • Sessions are 2-3 hours, Monday-Friday.  
  • Operation Kindness provides materials needed to set up a clean environment
  • Work Paws Playdate fee is $2,500.

Contact Amy Udell to schedule your playdate.